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You have entered in the realms of Mystical Vision. We are a thrash-death metal band that was formed in 1987 in Manaus, Brazil, and after a 10 year hiatus, have returned in 2011 to record and play! We have released our new album “Alchemy Of Chaos” in August, 2013, and we are having a blast with the results! We are already in studio on the pre – production for the successor of our first album, “Ortodoxian Hell”! Stay tuned for more info, music and official merchandise!

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Mystical Vision working in Studio

Mystical Vision announces name of the new album

  We are very pleased with the results obtained with our first album “Alchemy of Chaos”. In order to keep creating metal, we have started to work on our next release in the final days of 2013. Singer/bassist Marcelo Sanches is responsible for the lyrical concept and the name chosen for our next album is “Ortodoxian …

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Welcome to the Mystical Vision’s Offical Blog

We gonna be posting official information through here, on a new platform!!

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